Level 2 - Structural Fascial Bodywork


Level 2 Structural Fascial Bodywork is the second level of education at the Dr Ida Rolf Institute® Europe. The course teaches you the principles of Structural Fascial Bodywork to a professional level, based on Dr Ida Rolf’s ‘recipe’.

Classes are grouped into 8 individual modules of 3 to 8 days each, spread over about 9 months.

Step-by-step, you’ll explore the ‘Ten Series’ of Rolfing® sessions and practice these with each other and with a client. Lessons on ethics, building your practice and writing a business plan complement the practical part of the course. On successful completion, you'll receive a certificate of attendance for your course in Structural Fascial Bodywork. This qualifies you for further study towards becoming a Certified Rolfer (level 3).

You'll learn about
- manual intervention based on Dr Ida Rolf’s ‘recipe’ of the ‘Ten-Series’ of Structural Integration
- recognising movement and posture patterns – body reading
- bodywork techniques that you can implement in your own practice
- ethics around working with clients
- practice building and business plan
What to expect in class
- you’ll be taught by a faculty member of the Dr Ida Rolf Institute Europe.
- you're taught using a mix of practical exercises and theory
- you’ll work in pairs or small groups to explore and practice the course content
- you’ll work one-to-one with your client
- you'll get plenty of support as there'll be one teacher for every 10 students and no more than 20 students per class
- there’ll be preparatory reading and homework