Rolf Movement™ Training


Rolf Movement™ is a separate, yet complementary training programme to Rolfing® Structural Integration. Its goal is to work with clients from a functional, movement-based, perspective which is often complementary to the manual structural work.

The increase in movement education reflects the growing understanding of the significance that gravity orientation, perception, coordination, expressivity, and nervous system regulation have in determining lasting changes in posture and function.

Rolf Movement ™ distinguishes Rolfing® from other practices of Structural Integration. It links ongoing discoveries in the study of neuroscience and motor patterns to the legacy of Dr. Rolf.


Educational Movement Approach

Rolf Movement is an educational approach that can be incorporated alongside various movement techniques like Yoga, Pilates, dance, sports, martial arts, or any form of body expression. Rolf Movement practitioners may come from diverse backgrounds such as dance, music, sports, yoga, martial arts, or even unrelated fields. Generally, they share a passion for movement, but the manipulation of the fascia according to the vision established by Ida Rolf is also part of their tool set.

This encompasses a deep understanding of the structural aspects of hands-on work with the organism, as well as its perceptive capabilities and coordination. This combination allows for a more intimate and beneficial relationship with oneself and the surrounding environment. This distinction likely sets Rolf Movement practitioners apart from those involved in other posture-focused approaches to movement and posture.

Many Rolf Movement practitioners use Rolf Movement to enrich their Rolfing Structural Integration work, yet others also offer individual Rolf Movement sessions and workshops.


Your benefit

In your Rolf Movement Training, you will learn to embody movement in gravity.

You will be trained to recognise coordination patterns within both your own and your clients' movement dynamics. You will learn how to guide your clients in connecting with their own sensory perceptions, aiding them in comprehending these novel movement coordinations. Furthermore, you will be enabled to assist clients in integrating these newfound insights into their everyday routines.

Notably, the Touch utilised in Rolf Movement diverges from traditional Rolfing techniques, focusing on enhancing body organisation during motion.


Rolf Movement Training

The Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® Europe teaches Rolf Movement in a training of 30 days, delivered across three distinct parts. These parts follow either an intensive (3 modules) or a modular (8 modules) structure over a period of approximately one year:

  • The initial part focuses on deepening the functional aspects of the Rolfing 10-Series.
  • In the subsequent part, students are equipped to conduct pure Rolf Movement sessions.
  • Finally, the third part introduces students to the art of instructing Rolf Movement groups.

This approach of breaking down instruction into smaller, manageable units serves a twofold purpose. Firstly, it empowers attending Rolfers to seamlessly integrate the class experiences into their practical work. Secondly, it encourages them to return to the classroom environment equipped with newfound inquiries and insights derived from their client applications.

The instructional parts are skillfully led by a dedicated instructor/assistant duo drawn from the esteemed faculty of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® Europe.


What to expect in class
In this part of the training we will deepen the understanding of the functional aspects of the Rolfing 10-Series. The embodied explorations will be a platform for the Rolfer to broaden their knowledge of the Rolfing process and to be able to offer more resonant movement explorations for their clients session by session.

In this second part we will focus on learning how to strategise and build a series of three Rolf Movement Sessions, not necessarily linked to the Rolfing 10-Series; this will support Rolfers in creating a richer toolset for meeting the varied needs of clients. Ultimately the intention is to support the client’s development of their body awareness and their ability to creatively sustain the benefits they gained from their Rolfing 10-Series process. This series of three Rolf Movement Sessions could equally be used with clients who have not undergone the Rolfing 10-Series itself and may be looking for an introduction to it.

In this last part, using Rolf Movement theory, principles and embodied explorations, we will explore further how to create sequences and sustain series of movement exploration classes to be used in a group setting. This part is intended to assist Rolfers creating additional support for their clients’ on-going work on themselves. It will also provide a new vehicle with which to reach out to interested groups, through Rolf Movement classes, as a potential way of meeting new clients and introducing them to the Rolfing method.

Part 3 invites Rolf Movement practitioners who were certified under our previous curriculum to profit from the newly developing aspect of the Rolfing body of knowledge - “leading groups”.