This six-day workshop offers you the opportunity to address questions that have surfaced during your first year in practice; this class is mandatory and completes the Basic Rolfing® Training program.

You will have the possibility to work with an outside client under your instructor's supervision to review and deepen the understanding and application of what you have learned during the basic training.

Every newly Certified Rolfer® will encounter challenging situations and experiences during their first year in practice. Having the opportunity to share those experiences with others who are going through the same thing, in a “supervised” setting, provides reassurance, and builds confidence. The Supervision workshop is designed to provide this opportunity. 


You'll learn about
Gain insight about yourself and your work:

• Discover ways to use your body safely and to change bad habits developed in the workplace.
• Learn techniques to help you perform and work more effectively.
• Learn practices you can implement in your work to be more efficiently.
What to expect in class
You can gain significant insight into yourself and your work while giving sessions to external clients during this workshop. Occasionally, even your original external clients from Phase III who have expressed interest in continuing to work with you. The personalised feedback from the instructors is very helpful not only offering pointers for developing your own working style, but also offering new insights into how you work and where you need to be more aware of things you fail to notice.