Breath freely: organizing the chest and its neighbours

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• Certified Rolfer®
• SI Practitioner (IASI approved)
Fri. + Sat. 9am - 6pm, Sun. 9am - 4.30pm
Certified Rolf Movement™ Instructor, Certified Advanced Rolfing® Instructor, Mentor

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Breathing is a constant activity in our daily life.
Breathing is both automatic and voluntary.

Breathing not only serves to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, to ensure the supply of nourishment given by oxygen and the release of waste, but it is also an expression of emotional states: anxiety, fears, joy… and also responds to the challenges posed by the environment: no one is happy to breath a polluted air!

Who is this course for

If you want to deepen your understanding in the field of breathing.

• Certified Rolfer®
• SI Practitioner (IASI approved)

CE Credits: 3 IRC (Manipulation) towards the Advanced Training

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You’ll learn about

Breathing takes place in the rib cage, therefore its good organization is the prerequisite for good respiratory activity.
The main structures involved in breathing are the thorax with its joints and myofascial layers but also the contiguous structures, such as the shoulders, the cervical tract, the area below the diaphragm.
This will be the theme and territory of the 3 days workshop dedicated to improve freedom in breathing.