Level 1 Overview Vevey, Switzerland (French)

fingerprintEntry Requirements
• 18+ years old
per 3-day course 650€

The Level 1 of the Rolfing® Training consists of nine courses that build on each other.
The courses in Vevey are in French, the Anatomy courses are in English with French translation!
You can complete the nine courses offered with a certificate in 'Myofascial Foundation' or you can sign up for the Rolfer® Training.
To see if the training suits you and if you want to become a Rolfer®, you can book the first three courses as a taster.

Part 1 Thu 23.01. - Sun 02.02.2025
Movement 1 'The dynamics of posture' from 23.-25.01.2025 with France Hatt-Arnold
Anatomy 1 'Anatomy of Stability - from foot to pelvis' from 27.-29.01.2025 with Konrad Obermeier
Touch 1 'Discovering the fascial net from the lower body' from 31.01.-02.02.2025 with France Hatt-Arnold

Part 2 Thu 03. - Sun 13.04.2025
Movement 2 'The dynamics of breathing' from 03.-05.04.2025 with France Hatt-Arnold
Anatomy 2 'Anatomy of Expression - shoulder girdle, hands and face' from 07.-09.04.2025 with Konrad Obermeier
Touch 2 'Exploring the fascial net from upper body' from 11.-13.04.2025 with France Hatt-Arnold

Part 3 Thu 19. - Sun 29.06.2025
Movement 3 'The dynamics of walking' from 19.-21.06.2025 with Nicola Carofiglio
Anatomy 3 'Anatomy of the Core - Sensing from the core' from 23.-25.06.2025 with Konrad Obermeier
Touch 3 'Interacting with the fascial net of the trunk' from 27.-29.06.2025 with France Hatt-Arnold

For more information about the content of Level 1, please click on the link to the left: Level 1 - Myofascial Foundation.
Each course costs 650 Euro, each Part 1950 Euro.

Level 2 and Level 3 run at Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® Europe in Munich.
The training language is English!


Online: Discover Rolfing® Webinar with Andrea Clusen
Tuesday, 06.02.2024 and
Tuesday, 11.06.2024 from 7 to 9 pm.
Please get in touch if you like to participate.