The Sensitive Space. An inquiry into strategizing a Rolfing® session.

fingerprintEntry Requirements
Certified Rolfer®, SI Practicioner (IASI approved)
Thur-Sat 9 am - 5.30 pm, Sun 9 am - 12.30 pm
Certified Rolfer®, Certified Rolfing® Instructor, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Mentor

Harvey Burns is a Certified Advanced Rolfer

Certified Rolfer®, Certified Rolfing® Instructor, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Mentor, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner

Jörg Ahrend-Löns is Certified Rolfer

Cost: €745.00
Payment options are available on request.

The Rolfing® Method is well-known for the reorganization and integration of physical structure.

But the physical does not exist in isolation. It is one of a matrix of other levels of experience involved in being human that are relevant to our work.

These are:
1.    The level of physical structure
2.    The level of co-ordinative structure
3.    The level of perceptual structure
4.    The level of psycho-biological structure (meaning)

These structures do not exist independently from each other in the flow of living experience.

This workshop will look at how we create an environment ("The Sensitive Space") in which the most relevant elements in these levels for the client can emerge - our presence being the catalyst (not the expert decision maker) for this emergence.

After emergence we can apply our individual abilities (Gathering and understand physical structure and movement, kinesthetic resonance, active-listening, quality of touch, psychotherapeutic skills etc) in the most meaningful way.

Who is this course for

Open for all Certified Rolfers® , Rolf Movement™ Practitioner and SI Practitioner (IASI approved)

CE Credits: 2 IRC (manipulation) and 1,5 Elective credits towards the Advanced Training

Main language is English, the occasional clarification in German would be possible.